Antenna-building class, 6pm!

The antenna-building class is almost upon us! And I’m sure about the time on this one, it’s 6:00pm. If I get there on time. (fingers crossed!)

Students who pre-registered: Bring $15 (or $20 if you want to help pay it forward) cash for the materials. I can also take Paypal but that sucks. Also, if you have any of the old double-thick CD jewel cases (the obnoxious ones that didn’t fit in most organizers) that you want to chop up, bring those too — you’ll see why.

Anyone who missed the registration deadline is welcome to observe, and there may be a limited number of extra kits available, but… As soon as I get my work schedule for the next few weeks, I’ll announce another round of classes. Sign up for one of those. :)