i3 Detroit is everywhere this weekend – Penguicon, Thunderdrome & NAMES Expo

It’s the time of year again and i3 Detroit is heading out to Penguicon in style.  This year we are participating in three classes and throwing another massive room party to defend our title of best room party from 2010. Party starts at 9p tonight (4/29) in room 1512 at the Troy Marriott.   There will be projects on display like the famous Chronotune, demos, Open Soda, an invasion by Norsemen and much more.  Join us for the following talks over the weekend as well.

9 am Sat: The Importance of Social Learning/Why Everyone Needs a Hackerspace
5 pm Sat: Hacker Space Panel
2 pm Sun: Maker Faire

More info at http://www.penguicon.org/

This weekend also happens to be the Thunderdrome.  We will have two teams racing in events including John in the amateur moped division and Nick in the Go-Kart division.  Come cheer on our teams and enjoy a day at the Detroit Velodrome.  Races start at noon on Saturday (4/30)

More info at http://www.thunderdrome.com

The North American Model Engineering Society’s Expo is this weekend (NAMES) and Steve is going to represent i3 and check out the classes.  Long-time supporter of i3 Detroit, Rick Chownyk is giving his awesome demo of home foundry skills at 3pm on Saturday.  A number of other cool classes are also available.

More info at – http://www.modelengineeringsoc.com/index.html

Listen to the Future & the Past with the Chronotune – Red Bull Creation Challenge

Have you ever wanted to listen to the past in real time?  What about preview the future from the comfort of your own home?  You need a Chronotune brought to you by TARMIS a division of i3 Detroit.  This machine is your ticket to entertainment and information.  Please check out our helpful video and order yours today.

All joking aside, congrats to the great team of i3 Detroit Members who made the Chronotune.  This was our entry into the Red Bull Creation Challenge.  Everyone is crossing our fingers that this will qualify us for the finals in NYC.  Please show your support by spreading this video around the web.  If you want to see the device in person, come to the i3 Detroit Room Party at Penguicon this Friday night (4/29) at the Troy Marriott.  Or contact us to see the radio live at i3 Detroit – contact@i3detroit.com.  

 Go behind the scenes of the Chronotune and see the builders explain the build process and demo the project further.  Documentary starts after the commercial - http://www.youtube.com/user/i3Detroit#p/u/2/udy-7MA6aWw

Android User Group Meetup

Tuesday, April 26th @ 7pm.

Anything Android! If you own an Android phone/device or even if you are only considering maybe buying an Android phone or tablet, join us!  Discussion will range from, your favorite app, battery saving techniques, how to root, or anything anyone wants to share.  We welcome all ranges of experience and knowledge.

Great Global Hackerspace Update

i3 Detroit’s team is halfway through the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge. We’ve been tasked with creating a device that uses a microcontroller and portable power source to help education. We’ve brainstormed and idea and now we’re hard at work to make it a reality.

The Million Crane Project at i3: Wednesday, April 13th

i3 Detroit is joining the MILLION CRANE PROJECT to collect one million paper cranes by May 11, two months after Japan’s devastating earthquake. Completed cranes will then be used by a team of artists, including Makoto Fujimura, to create a piece of memorial art.  See http://www.millioncraneproject.org/ for more info.

Come fold with us!

WHEN: Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 13 at 6:30-8:30pm

WHO: Everybody! We will teach you to fold if you don’t know how.  It’s

BRING (optionally):

  • old magazines and scrap paper to use as eco-friendly origami paper
  • cash for dinner (there will likely be a take-out sushi run)

See you there!