Electronics class Sunday 2pm: Oscillators

This Sunday, there will be an electronics class meeting from 2:00 to 4:00.

Last week we covered a lot of theroy, and in the end build a single transistor driver for a piezo buzzer. We connected these to a function generator and made some audible beeps.

This week, we will be building an oscillator so we don’t need the function generator. We will talk about capacitors along the way, and go in to detail about how a nontrivial circuit works: the astable multivibrator. This is the same circuit we used to flash two LEDs a few weeks ago, but this time we will be making it oscillate at audio frequencies.

Anyone (member or not) is welcome to attend.

Rookie roboticists: Rockstars!

Remember those two FIRST robotics teams who spent so much time in our shop this winter? Well, now it’s competition season, time to shine! Oak Park’s team 1216 (the Knights) has been around for a few years, but because of graduations, all the students in the program were rookies this year. Clawson’s team 3302 (the Turbo Trojans)  is a brand-new team this year. But they’re rookies no longer! Having taken to the field this weekend in Ann Arbor, both teams got a chance to compete, and 3302 went all the way to the semifinals.  Congratulations to all involved!

This year’s game is played with two alliances, each composed of three teams, facing off against each other. In the photo, team 3302 has just taken the field with their partners. The atmosphere is tense and impatient as spectators and competitors alike wait for the green light that starts the game. Video of the actual matches will be up soon…

Both teams will compete again in Troy on March 26th and 27th. Come out and cheer them on!

The week ahead: Soldering, Maker Faire, Machining, Jam Session

Just a quick glance at the schedule:

Monday: Nothing scheduled yet. Come hang out if the space is open!

Tuesday: Electronics meetup, no RSVP required. Theme: Soldering iron clinic — tip tinning, cleaners and holders, the role of flux in the soldering process. May also get into the other gear on the bench. I’ll try really hard to have the doors open by 7; somewhat earlier is likely. BYOSI if you want specific advice!

Wednesday: Maker Faire Detroit planning meeting at the Detroit Main Library. Expect i3 to be pretty quiet…

Thursday: Metal Machining class part 2.

Friday: The monthly Unusual Musical Instrument Jam Session, same time as PS:One does theirs. Bring noisy stuff! Also, FIRST competition begins in Ann Arbor. Also, new-member orientation — if you’ve been wanting to join, get here!

Saturday: Go cheer on team 1216 Oak Park Knights and team 3302 Clawson Turbo Trojans at the FIRST regional!

Sunday: Electronics class, piezo noisemakers. 2-4pm.

Intro to Metal Machining: Mill and Lathe, 7pm

Okay, so our lathe isn’t quite as big as the one in the photo there. (Actually, it’s closer to the size of one of their tool holders.) But it’s also not in Pensylvania, it’s in Royal Oak, and you can come learn how to use it! Tonight’s class will cover the basic operations on both the mill and lathe. The fun gets under way at 7pm, and you can reserve your seat right now!

As always, non-members are welcome! We’re at 322 e. 4th st, 48067.

Bob Ross Paint-Along 2 – March 20th, 2010

Bob Ross - Happy Little Trees

Back by popular demand, we are bringing back one of our most successful classes in i3 Detroit histroy.  We are bringing back the Bob Ross Paint-Along classes and in a big way. 

Not only are we doing three (3) 10-student classes but we are allowing the public to vote.  There will be a vote on which epsiode will be viewed at each class.  After the class, each painting will be uploaded online and the community will vote on the best one.  The winner will win a free class at i3 Detroit.  Don’t worry.  If you are embarased, you can use a false name.  Based on the ruckuss from last class, there will be many questionable paintings.  We still question how dinosaurs, volcanos and UFOs ended up on the last class’s paintings.

Join us 3/20 at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm for an amazing event where you will find out if you can keep up with the legend, Bob Ross.  Only $20 gets you 1 hour of fun but the mockery you will get from hanging it in your living room will last a lifetime.  All materials will be provided at the class. Voting for the pictures will be posted next week. 

Please RSVP
2:00pm – http://bobrosspaintalong.eventbrite.com/
4:00pm – http://bobrosspaintalong4p.eventbrite.com/
6:00pm – http://bobrosspaintalong6p.eventbrite.com/