i3 Detroit is always actively seeking Donations and Sponsorship to help continue our growth and educational goals. If you are interested in helping our community we have many options for you to help.


Monetary contributions, along with regular member dues, help pay our rent and support our daily operations. We greatly appreciate any amount of support you want to give.  If you donate $100 or more we will post your logo, website address and name if desired on our sponsors page. Donation button located on the sidebar to the right.

Business Sponsorship:

If you are a Business that would like to sponsor i3 Detroit we are always looking for both monetary or product donations. As we continue to build our space, tools and parts bins we can use as much help as possible. Some examples of product donations would be tools, computer parts, art supplies, Lumber for our space build out, computers for the computer lab (both Mac & PC), Printers, etc…


If you have a skill and you are willing to volunteer your time we are very appreciative. We are always looking for individuals that are willing to teach a class. Our classes are open to both members and the general public. We are also always looking for help with services such as a graphic designer that is willing to donate time to design a flyer or t-shirt for a fundraiser or event that i3 Detroit is promoting, Entrepreneurial mentoring, legal services for setting up our non-profit, accounting, etc…

If you are interested in learning more about i3 Detroit or Volunteering please contact us here.

Spread the Word:

i3 Detroit is always looking to spread the word about our community. We are always looking for new members, donations, sponsorships and volunteers. If you think you know some individuals that may be interested in joining our community, donating or volunteering please forward our information to anyone that you may feel would be interested. If you have a website and are willing to add a link we are always willing to reciprocate the link. We are working on a small website advertisement that we will have available shortly if you are willing to place our ad on your website as well.

If you have an idea of how you might be able to help our community we are always open. If you have questions, comments, ideas or concerns please feel free to contact us here.