i3 Detroit needs your help to win a laser cutter

UPDATE: Voting closed on this contest at midnight, PST.  Thank you all for your votes, thoughts, and support!  The contest is now in the hands of the judges.  Per Instructables, results will be published in about a week.

The team at i3 Detroit has entered a contest with Instructables.com to win an Epilog Laser Cutter and Etcher (model: Zing 16).  WE NEED YOUR HELP.  The build team lead by Dustin White & Bob Bedard made a fantastic entry to the contest by building a step-by-step guide to converting a military ammo box into a set of portable music speakers.  It’s a rugged and spiffy design that is sure to win, if we have your votes.  In order to win the prize, we need you to vote on our project.

To do this: register for an Instructables account (free) at http://ow.ly/3xzb6 then go to our project page and click vote – http://ow.ly/3xzbM.  That’s it.  For 20 seconds of your time you will help i3 Detroit win a $8,000 piece of equipment for the community to use at the shop.  Please help.  Full specs on the laser cutter below.

Wattages: 30-40 watts
Work Area: 16″ x 12″ (406 x 305 mm)
Features: Red Dot Pointer, Air Assist, Motorized Table, 2″ (51 mm) focus lens, Relocatable Home, Laser Dashboard
What it does:Engraves and/or cuts wood, acrylic, plastic, glass, marble, coated metal, stainless steel w/ Cermark) and more

Full specs: http://www.epiloglaser.com/zing_16.htm