Listen to the Future & the Past with the Chronotune – Red Bull Creation Challenge

Have you ever wanted to listen to the past in real time?  What about preview the future from the comfort of your own home?  You need a Chronotune brought to you by TARMIS a division of i3 Detroit.  This machine is your ticket to entertainment and information.  Please check out our helpful video and order yours today.

All joking aside, congrats to the great team of i3 Detroit Members who made the Chronotune.  This was our entry into the Red Bull Creation Challenge.  Everyone is crossing our fingers that this will qualify us for the finals in NYC.  Please show your support by spreading this video around the web.  If you want to see the device in person, come to the i3 Detroit Room Party at Penguicon this Friday night (4/29) at the Troy Marriott.  Or contact us to see the radio live at i3 Detroit –  

 Go behind the scenes of the Chronotune and see the builders explain the build process and demo the project further.  Documentary starts after the commercial -