Meeting Notes from last nights meeting.

We had a Great meeting last night and i would like to Thank Everyone for coming out. We had prepared an Agenda for last nights meeting and we were successful at getting through the agenda. We have had a lot of requests to move the meeting day and time because of conflict with other local group meetings and we have decide to stay with Tuesdays for now and will work towards compiling a list of the larger groups meeting days and times so we can pick a proper day. We disccused if we should be having meetings weekly or biweekly and for the purpose of building the group and working towards having a space by the later part of the summer we feel that we should continue with weekly meetings. We had discussed having everyone think about fundraising ideas for the group and for each member to come to next weeks meeting with atleast one fundraising idea. I am posting a PDF of last nights meeting agenda here for all to view which also includes how we concluded in red. I will also be sending a copy of the agenda to all current members via email. Lets continue to spread the word and Thanks Again for everyones support and help at making i3Detroit a reality.