Starcraft 2 ProGaming Meetup Sunday

There is a Major League Gaming tournament this weekend in Raleigh.  The plan is to watch the stream of the Starcraft 2 championship on Sunday from 6pm-11pm at i3Detroit with fellow SC2 enthusiasts.  If there is a growing interest in “Barcraft” events, then next time I’ll talk with a bar owner and try to organize something.  We aren’t alone.  This week there was a Wall Street Journal article about folks watching Starcraft in bars.  Sadly there is no Michigan event which is why I’m trying this at i3.

So if you want to see what eSports is all about be at i3 this Sunday (8/28/2011) at 6pm.  We’ll order some pizza and watch the Champions duke it out.  BYOB.

Questions? contact SWiT