Visit your local hackerspace. Hello, Kalamazoo!

Are you reading this post from the Detroit metro area? Then come to i3 Detroit this evening for Open Shop Friday! Guests welcome, bring a project to hack on, bring a friend or two, you know the drill…

But if you’re in Kalamazoo, or know any hackers/makers who are, you might want to get involved in Xipherspace. There isn’t a hackerspace/makerspace in every town quite yet, but new ones seem to be popping up quite often! The most surprising part? They cited us as an inspiration, and let me tell you, that’s an amazing bit of flattery.

If you’re in another area, leave a comment on this post! I’m curious how far-flung our blog readership is, and even more curious what your experiences have been when visiting other spaces around the state, country, or world.