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Basic Info

  • Ownership: The Genie belongs to user:Nbezanson.
  • Location: Park it out of the way, and close to an outlet. You remembered to plug it in, right?
  • What it looks like:

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: It's a GR-12, serial number GR01-122, manufacturing date 10-27-00, model year 2001, PIN GR 120A10100C
  • Part Number: not specified



Follow three simple rules:

  1. RTFM and inspect machine before use. Wear a hardhat.
  2. When you're done, turn it off and plug it in. This is super important, as the batteries will damage themselves if not maintained. It's like $800 to replace them.
  3. Call me if you have any questions. (248)379-3614

If in doubt, or for a lesson, contact user:Nbezanson.


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Other References

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Things that Need to be Done

Yet to do, short term:

  • Replace the leaking hydraulic hose.
    • It's Genie part number 69426, which has 35 inches of hose between the fittings.
    • The fittings are Parker 1JC43-6-6 "Hose end, female swivel, seal lok", and the hose itself is Parker 451TC-6 "Hose 3/8 inch ID"
  • Procure and bend new wire for battery-keeper bars. They're Genie part number 57990, "rod, battery lock", see the parts manual.
  • Coat battery terminals generously with anticorrosive.
  • Figure out why the base-run function doesn't work.
  • Procure a spray-can of Boe-Lube, clean the column, and spray all the sliding surfaces.

Yet to do, medium term:

  • Wire additional small-gauge (fused!) 3-wire connection from the batteries to the battery-charger area, preferably with a 3-way PP45 disconnect, for the new charger.
  • Mount and wire AC for the new charger.
  • Replace the rubber boot that covers the drive/lift mode switch on the platform controls.
  • Change the hydraulic fluid. (Pretty sure it's Dexron; specs are in the manual, linked from the machine's wiki page.)
  • Perform other maintenance as the manual describes, such as tensioning the column cable.

Wishlist, long term:

  • Diagnose and repair the platform-power connection.
  • Possibly procure or make new nylon friction blocks for the column.
  • Redo the vinyl lettering on the machine panels and sides.
  • Replace the hydraulic fluid filter.
  • Remove, sandblast, repaint, and reinstall the battery bays.
  • Ammeter for charging/discharging current?


none yet