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i3 Vending machine:

Bill acceptor - The controller that recognizes bill images might need to be updated or replaced


- Cash (see bill acceptor)
- RFID, debit the members account and invoice them through e-mail and let the Treasure know of payment due or overdue.
- Credit card, bill the credit card via amazon or paypal.
- Bar code and passkey. Buy it online and get a QR code and passkey in your email. Scan the QR code and enter the passkey and it will vend the product. It will reserve at least one item they bought online.
- Crediting/ Paying off the account can be handled via the machine or the online payment system.


- TCP/IP over ethernet with a server backend that processes and logs purchases.
- How to handle encryption of transactions? 


- How do we add functionality yet keep the power requirements low?


*embedded ARM based computer?
*Beefy microcontroller?


- Webcam linked to tilt/ shake sensor. Take picture of someone shaking the machine, post it online for ridicule

Surprises/ challenges and Easter Eggs

- Prizes for buying so much from the vending machine should be rewarded
- Monthly challenges