Android meetup, Tuesday 11/22, 7pm

Got Android?

The fourth Tuesday of the month is i3 Detroit’s monthly Android meetup, and you’re invited! Member or guest, expert or noob, all are welcome to hang out, swap tips, and watch SWiT break his Epic 4G while attempting to replace the glass. (Kidding!)

Actually, SWiT’s planning to broadcast that procedure via a G+ hangout, and this post will be updated with the details when that goes live. Other hackery is sure to ensue…

(CC-BY-NC image by Jake Devincenzi, courtesy of iFixit)

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  1. nbezanson says:

    Looks like there’s no way to post a link to a hangout, curiously enough. Comment here if you actually care, and we’ll see what we can do.

  2. SWiT says:

    The phone still works! I do need to go back in and replace the silicone adhesive I spent hours and blood removing. The glass needs it since the stinky gasket is strong enough to keep the top in place when you press on the home and menu buttons on the bottom. I saran wrapped the sucker for now.

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