Announcing i3 Detroit’s Arduino meetup, second Thursday of each month.

With a combination of affordable hardware and easy-to-use software, the Arduino microcontroller development platform has made a big, big splash in the hobbyist market. But what’s better than having oodles of example projects and online resources to teach yourself from?

Why, a local user group, of course! (Bonus points if it’s a group that meets in an electronics lab chock-full of components, test equipment, and benchtop gear. Hint, hint.) You can find Arduino users here any day of the week, but a focused time might be better…

So, let’s kick this off. On the second Thursday of December, starting around 7pm, just get here! Ring the doorbell, sign in, and make your way to the electronics lab. Non-members are welcome, of course, and there’s no cover charge or anything like that. Bring a project to work on!

(CC-licensed photo by Must Be Art on Flickr)

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