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Fun With The Laser Cutter

Did we mention we have a big awesome laser cutter? Probably! We always mention that. Enjoy this little video Matt threw together while laser cutting himself a laptop stand. Complete with corny Antiques Roadshow-esque jazz music. Do you want to cut your own laptop stand? Head on over to Thingiverse! Have your own idea? Come on […]

Live The Dream. Learn Programming.

It’s not scary, it’s not difficult, and it doesn’t take years to learn. I think I can prove that to you though this crash course on computer programming. It’s not going to get you a job at Google, but it will let you figure out which words are used most frequently in the book “Alice […]

Wood Shop Safety Class Saturday 10am

You probably should have paid attention in highschool shop class, but you didn’t. As a result, your fingers are at risk. In an effort to remedy this, resident expert Dave Alvarez is teaching a wood shop safety class. If you feel lost and confused in the wood shop, take this class. If you don’t feel […]