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Would you like to play a game?

A few days ago, Arduino co-inventor Massimo Banzi spoke at the University of Michigan, as part of a lecture series sponsored by the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design.  In addition to throngs of art students, there were indeed a few die-hard electronics nerds in the audience. It seemed like the perfect time to […]

Car hacking update, laser art recap

Event update: Friday’s car hacking meetup is cancelled, as I’m traveling and probably won’t be back in town in time to host it. If anyone wants to come hack on cars anyway, well, that’s always a welcome activity! Now, on with the post. The sort of work you do with a laser cutter can depend […]

Happy Pi Day!

It’s 3-14 and that means it’s time to make bad pi/pie jokes! Won’t you join us? This evening at i3 Detroit: Laser-cut a nice acrylic case for your Raspberry Pi! Savor Meijer’s finest gourmet raspberry pies! Share projects you’ve completed or only just started! Pun-ish each other with brutal wordplay and awful jokes!  

Member field trip: Quadrotors and datacenters

When first stepping through the door, the University of Michigan’s Walter E. Wilson Student Team Project Center feels familiar, like a well-equipped hackerspace/makerspace. A Haas vertical mill dominates the main floor, more modern than i3’s but otherwise similar. In the back are manual mills and lathes, and a nontraditional vehicle (in this case, a solar car) hangs […]