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Car hacking: Success!

Q: What has four wheels and sixteen hackers clustered around it? A: Chris Peplin’s sweet ride, with a prototype OpenXC translator plugged into it! On Friday, i3 Detroit’s first car hacking meetup brought a good turnout, with pizza and drinks and solder and software and tons of fascinating ideas. The mix of attendees included several […]

The Delegate

One of the central principles of hackerspaces/makerspaces is to make it easier for each other to accomplish things by sharing resources and ideas. It should therefore come as no surprise that, as a relatively old and well-established space, we get a steady stream of queries from founders of new spaces, asking for advice, and that […]

A better fuse block

As part of revamping i3’s front-door wiring, I needed to distribute several circuits of overcurrent-protected DC power. First, I grabbed an old bakelite fuse-block: (Side note: Are you as sick as I am of trying to read the markings on a blown glass fuse? A little Sharpie solves that!) This left two unsolved problems, though: […]

Gaming: Accomplished.

Saturday’s WinterLAN gaming party was a success by any measure. Game-wise, practically everything was represented — I think we had 7 or 8 vintage and modern consoles running simultaneously, plus dozens of PCs on the network, and tabletop games galore. People-wise, there were 40-plus people in the space most of the night, with the last […]