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The Delegate

One of the central principles of hackerspaces/makerspaces is to make it easier for each other to accomplish things by sharing resources and ideas. It should therefore come as no surprise that, as a relatively old and well-established space, we get a steady stream of queries from founders of new spaces, asking for advice, and that […]

A better fuse block

As part of revamping i3’s front-door wiring, I needed to distribute several circuits of overcurrent-protected DC power. First, I grabbed an old bakelite fuse-block: (Side note: Are you as sick as I am of trying to read the markings on a blown glass fuse? A little Sharpie solves that!) This left two unsolved problems, though: […]

Gaming: Accomplished.

Saturday’s WinterLAN gaming party was a success by any measure. Game-wise, practically everything was represented — I think we had 7 or 8 vintage and modern consoles running simultaneously, plus dozens of PCs on the network, and tabletop games galore. People-wise, there were 40-plus people in the space most of the night, with the last […]

Open Shop Friday

It’s Friday, and at i3 Detroit that means it’s Open Shop Friday! This is the perfect time to check out the space, meet some members, work on some projects, or just hang out. If you’re reading this, you know the deal by now. 1481 Wordsworth, Ferndale. 5:30pm-midnight. Also, a cookie for whoever comes closest to […]

Bubbles, cars, and more cars!

Do you know what happens when you blow soap bubbles into a cooler full of liquid and gaseous nitrogen? Neither did we, so we found out. It turns out to be pretty cool. Totally unrelated: This Saturday (9/29), there’ll be a repeat of the “roadside emergency skills for non-greasemonkeys” class, which we’ve run several times. […]