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Open Shop Friday

TGIF! Or more specifically, TGIOSF. That’s Open Shop Friday, the day each week when Metro Detroit’s oldest hackerspace explicitly invites non-members to come visit. (The rest of the time, it’s implicit, but some folks like a direct invitation. This is that.)  We’re at 1481 Wordsworth, in Ferndale. Ring the doorbell if it’s not already open! […]

Rule of Acquisition #141: Only Fools Pay Retail.

At the Hamvention fleamarket, Dustin got an amazing price on a Handheld Products 3800r barcode scanner, probably because the cable wasn’t included. The connector on the bottom of the scanner is a nonstandard 10p10c (aka RJ50), so most folks wouldn’t just be able to make one, but buying a $57 cable for a $1 scanner […]

Parts and potential: Vehicle interface bits

Top: Male OBD-II connectors and pins. Middle: STN1110 multiprotocol vehicle interface IC. Bottom: MCP2551 CAN transceiver IC. (Note: We also have the female version of the connectors, female terminals, and the appropriate crimpers.) None of this stuff is particularly expensive or hard to find, but in i3’s electronics lab, it’s already been picked out, ordered, shipped, and sorted. With […]