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Got Scrap?

Here’s a simple laser project that makes a bunch of useful things.  It uses up some of those small pieces of scrap acrylic that people toss into the drawer.  Many people wonder why that’s in there, because most projects require larger pieces.  These plant markers are small enough to be unobtrusive, yet still very readable.  […]

Need to Test Some LEDs?

I’ve been buying some 3W LEDs from various sources for a project.  Each of those sellers makes wildly improbable claims about the brightness and chromaticity of their LEDs, but I didn’t have a good way to verify them and see which are best.  I found a light meter in the i3 Detroit eLab, but getting […]

What to do with Labor Day Leftovers

We have a couple of rocket scientists and many members interested in model rockets, so one of the members threw out the idea of launching rockets and having a BBQ in the local park.  Aside from the usual power line, roof, and tree issues it went off well.  Until it was over.  There were leftovers. […]

SparkFun National Tour coming to Detroit!

Our friends over at SparkFun are doing a national tour, and we were the first Michigan location to sign up to host them!  We want to help kids in the Detroit metro area learn about technology and especially electronics, so this is a great opportunity.  Our class will be held on Saturday, 17 August 2013. […]