We now have a Logo!

I would like to give a big thanks to Eugene over at logodesigncreation.com for all of his hard work on designing our new logo. I feel that the new logo represents our organization very well.

I am interested in hearing all of your thoughts on the new logo. Feel free to leave a comment.

Pumping Station:One article in The Columbia Chronicle

Eric Minsker over at The Columbia Chronicle did a great article about Chicago’s very own Pumping Station:One back in March. I wanted to share this article with everyone as i feel this helps to define i3 Detroit’s own goals.

You can check out the article here!

Interview with Eric Michaud President of Pumping Station:One

Here is an interview with the President of Pumping Station: One that i feel defines the idea’s behind building a Hacker Space.

HELLO – Eric Michaud, President of Pumping Station: One from Dave Jacob Hoffman on Vimeo.

Welcome BM – i3 Detroit’s First Member

i3 Detroit officially now has 2 members. BM was the first to contact me to become a founding member. I am looking forward to working with BM.

i3 Detroit is now searching for Members

i3 Detroit aims to create a collaborative environment for people to explore the balance between technology, art and culture. We feel the best way to create this environment is to bring like mind people together that share a common passion for technology, art and culture.

The community will be run by it’s members through voting. All founding members will work together to create a set of by-laws that all members and non-members will be required to follow. The goal is to provide a safe and fun community environment.

We hope to become a community resource by hosting various classes including but not limited to electronics, programming, crafts, Photography, cooking and all other skills that members or others are willing to share. We want to create an environment that promotes learning in a fun non-traditional format.

As the collective grows we hope to build relationships with other Hacker Spaces that are willing to collaborate on projects and classes.

What does i3 stand for: Imagine, Innovate & Inspire

So what do you think? Does this sound like something you may be interested in? If so contact me contact@i3detroit.com