i3Detroit Call for Teachers: Great Global Hackerspace Challenge 2011

i3Detroit Call for Teachers: Great Global Hackerspace Challenge 2011

The Great Global Hackerspace Challenge is on!

i3Detroit is a hackerspace in Metro Detroit. We are participating in this year’s challenge. Help us think up, build, and test an invention to help teachers overcome a common educational challenge, no matter how big or small, focused or general.

If you have an idea that can help educators and are interested in helping us, please reach out: contact@i3detroit.com

If you are a teacher or educator and would like to help, but don’t have the time to reach out, you can still contribute! Take five minutes and fill out this brief survey. If you can give us even a little insight into the challenges and success stories you experience as a teacher, we’d be quite grateful.

Learn more about the challenge itself at:

Lets put some clothes on Red

On this bright Sunday morning we will knock out stage two of the “Lets put some clothes on our GIANT Red Green monument”.
So far pants, shoes, undies, and a belt have been dressed on our GIANT.

Starting early at 9am members leading the build will be at the space to help with the dressing of the Red Green Giant.  Using seven foot sheets of Tyvek, duct tape will be layered to make up the tartan pattern that is seen on the common flannel shirt Red is seen wearing.

So if you’re just waking up¬†checking¬†your RSS feeds, head on over to the space and lend a hand. ¬† We’ll be here most of the day.

Maker Faire Project & Build Out Party

With Maker Faire just over a month away, it’s time to get cracking on your projects.¬† Join us at i3 Detroit this Saturday (6/19) starting at 10a and going all day to work on your submissions for Maker Faire.¬† Did you know you can still submit projects for the 2010 Detroit Maker Faire?¬† Go to MakerFaire.com today to submit your project.¬† If you need help, come on down to i3 Detroit this Saturday.

Also, we will be working on cleaning up the space and working on some more build-out for our Maker Faire After Party on 7/31 after the faire.  Please come and help out with your building, painting or cleaning skills.  No skills necessary Рwe can train you on any of the desired tasks.

Hope to see everyone there.  Contact us with any questions.  contact@i3detroit.com

i3Detroit v2.0 Updates

Amazing, amazing, amazing, that’s all we can say. We have 13 days left and we are 60% funded on Kickstarter. Thank you so much for your help. Your support is why we do what we do.¬† We are almost at our goal.¬† If you haven’t pledged to make i3Detroit v2.0 amazing yet, you still have time to do it.¬† So do it.¬† Right now.¬† Seriously.¬† I am talking to you!

Just wanted to share a picture set with you of our new facility.¬† It has been posted once, but just can’t help but show it off like a newborn baby.¬† We are working with the city of Ferndale and will hopefully have our C of O in the next couple of days. Then it is on to painting, building and moving.

We spent this past weekend boxing everything up at the old space. It was a bit sad and nostalgic. But like our insightful Director at Large, Nick Britsky said “i3 Detroit is in here” (while pointing to his heart). And, yeah, he is right.

Thanks again and enjoy the pics.

Boxes boxes boxes!

Boxes Boxes  boxes!  This Saturday i3 will be packing the space into many boxes, if you have boxes bring them.  We need boxes to prepare to relocate i3 Detroit in the upcoming weeks.

We will start taking down the decorations and equipment to pack everything into easy movable boxes.  Then, within the next couple weeks, transport to the new 8,000 sq/ft facility located in Ferndale.

The new facility will be a place where robots roam free. Grazing among the vast plains of creativity, co-existing in relative dimension and space, while engineers modify and perfect their power wheels racers.

If you don’t have any boxes, pledging to our kickstarter will help us¬†cover our deposit¬†and bring you the tools and community to your backyard.

Look out for a massive open house and party in May but feel free to stop by at anytime to see the progress and potential of this new space.