i3Detroit Call for Teachers: Great Global Hackerspace Challenge 2011

i3Detroit Call for Teachers: Great Global Hackerspace Challenge 2011

The Great Global Hackerspace Challenge is on!

i3Detroit is a hackerspace in Metro Detroit. We are participating in this year’s challenge. Help us think up, build, and test an invention to help teachers overcome a common educational challenge, no matter how big or small, focused or general.

If you have an idea that can help educators and are interested in helping us, please reach out: contact@i3detroit.com

If you are a teacher or educator and would like to help, but don’t have the time to reach out, you can still contribute! Take five minutes and fill out this brief survey. If you can give us even a little insight into the challenges and success stories you experience as a teacher, we’d be quite grateful.

Learn more about the challenge itself at:

Holy Upcoming Events, Batman!

Yesterday’s Bottle-cap Contact Microphone class was a success thanks to CMKT 4. Attendees had the privilege of seeing a pretty cool little concert as well. i3Detroit is going to keep rocking it in the upcoming week and here’s how!


This Saturday, March 12th, at noon, there will be a meeting up of the Michigan Scale Model Boat Club. Feel free to stop by and check it out.


Quick, before it melts!

Sunday, March 13th, at noon, member Dustin will be pulling out the chain saw for his Ice Carving Class. Students will learn basic carving techniques, texturing, and will got a little hands on experience!
Signup Here


Monday is 3/14…Pi Day!!!

Let them eat Pie!

Come join us for some mathy-good fun! Bring some pie, eat some pie and be prepared to share some good old fashioned math puns.

Party starts at 7pm. Don’t forget the Cool Whip.


Does molten metal interest you? How about the chance to see someone accidentally set themselves on fire?

Then be at i3Detoit Saturday, March 19th at 1pm to attend Alex Drummer’s Metal Casting Class. Kits will be available for purchase that will allow for 2 pewter castings.
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Only One Week til TWEET TEA!!!

Do you use Twitter?

Do you enjoy Tea?

If you answered “yes” to either or both of these questions, then you should join us for Tweet Tea! One week from today, on Tuesday, February 22nd around 6pm-ish,  tea and twitter lovers alike will assemble to share their love (or like) of soaking leaves in hot water while posting crazy random happenstances to the interwebs!

Bring your phones of smart, your tops of lap, or any other means of using Twitter as well as tea bags, loose leaf teas, tea infusers, tea blossoms, tea pots, tea cups or whatever else you would like. Even crumpets.

Come mingle with fellow tweeters and tea lovers at your favorite local hacker/makerspace.

*DISCLAIMER: No chicks were harmed in the making of this post. At least not the kinds with feathers.*

Bob Ross Paint Along is Back!

Back by popular demand, we are bringing back one of our most successful classes in i3 Detroit histroy.  We are bringing back the Bob Ross Paint-Along classes and in a big way.

Not only are we doing two 10-student classes but we are allowing the public to vote.  There will be a vote on which epsiode will be viewed at each class.  After the class, each painting will be uploaded online and the community will vote on the best one.  The winner will win a free class at i3 Detroit.  Don’t worry.  If you are embarased, you can use a false name.  Based on the ruckuss from last class, there will be many questionable paintings.  We still question how dinosaurs, volcanos and UFOs ended up on the last class’s paintings.

Join us 2/26 at 5pm and 7pm for an amazing event where you will find out if you can keep up with the legend, Bob Ross.  Only $20 gets you 1 hour of fun but the mockery you will get from hanging it in your living room will last a lifetime.  All materials will be provided at the class. Voting for the pictures will be posted next week.

Please RSVP
Class 1 @ 5pm – http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1251700871
Class 2 @ 7pm – http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1251722937

MakerFaire Brainstorm Session

FRIDAY, Janurary 28th, 7pm.

Come one! Come all! And bring your thinking caps…or whatever cap you feel like wearing that day! We have a scheduled mind-meld this Friday, January 28th at 7pm to try to come up with this year’s brilliance that will take Detroit by storm at MakerFaire in July.

True brilliance takes time to make and build, so let’s get those creative juices flowing and come up with new ideas to show just how zainy and awesome we are!
Anyone is free to join in!