Open Shop Friday

It’s Friday, and at i3 Detroit that means it’s Open Shop Friday! This is the perfect time to check out the space, meet some members, work on some projects, or just hang out.

If you’re reading this, you know the deal by now. 1481 Wordsworth, Ferndale. 5:30pm-midnight.

Also, a cookie for whoever comes closest to identifying that thing in the photo…

What you need to know about participating in the Red Bull madness

What’s this insanity all about?

Last year, i3 Detroit did so well in all 3 phases of the Red Bull Creation challenge (the puzzle board, the Chronotune, and the final 72-hour build in New York City), that we automatically prequalified for the finals this year. But unlike last year’s 4-person teams, this year anyone can — and should — participate!

So who’s going to New York?

Nobody! This year, the Creation takes place at individual spaces across the country. Red Bull sent us some video equipment to stream our build. That means that anyone who walks into i3 Detroit this weekend is part of it!

What are we making?

We don’t know yet! The theme will be revealed at 9:00 tonight. Then the clock starts, and we have 72 hours to conceive and create … whatever!

What should I expect if I drop in?

Expect to be involved! Whatever skills you have, they might be useful, and the only way to find out is to show up and dive in..

Also, expect a bit of paperwork! In addition to i3’s guest waiver, Red Bull’s production company has a release/waiver form that must be signed by anyone who might appear in our video stream. Please review it before dropping in. Regardless, expect around-the-clock activity, as we design and build and scramble for parts. There may be food, there may be news crews, it’s anyone’s guess!


Guts, glory, and cash: The prize purse is $10,000. And for the same reason we do anything else — because it’s just plain fun!

Open Shop Friday

TGIF! Or more specifically, TGIOSF.

That’s Open Shop Friday, the day each week when Metro Detroit’s oldest hackerspace explicitly invites non-members to come visit. (The rest of the time, it’s implicit, but some folks like a direct invitation. This is that.)  We’re at 1481 Wordsworth, in Ferndale. Ring the doorbell if it’s not already open!

I hear talk of welding, and Power Wheels bodywork, and who knows what else. — there’s always something unexpected! Any time after 6-ish is probably good, or just wait for that box at the upper right to say “the space is open for guests”.

Also, did you see the photo essay over at MetroMode this week? It’s called “Where Metro Detroit Invents”, and features photos and members of OCD, TechShop, and i3 Detroit. A tip of the hat to our colleagues! (Look closely, and you’ll see that the majority of photos in the series were taken at i3.)

Open Shop Friday: We’re waiting for you…

Are you dipping your toes in the DIY world for the first time? Come to Open Shop and hang out with some experienced hackers and makers! Bring a project to work on, if you’d like.

Are you an expert who’s reached the limit of what your garage / basement / whatever can handle? Come to Open Shop and check out the capabilities we’ve amassed.

Non-members are explicitly welcome at i3 Detroit any time our Twitter feed says so, but since that switch is flipped any time someone’s around, it can be hard to predict. Open Shop Friday is our regular open-door event, when anyone’s welcome to visit, work, learn, and if it seems like a good idea, join as a member.

(CC-licensed photo at left by James Bastow on Flickr.)