Arduino Meetup: 7:30pm March 8

Is it the second Thursday of the month? Then it’s time for i3 Detroit’s Arduino Meetup!

Whether you’re a total newbie or an accomplished Arduino user (or even a fan of a competing platform), you’re welcome at this monthly event. There may be show-and-tell, there may be projects to work on, there may just be a lot of hanging out. It’s anyone’s guess, so just show up!

(Note: This was originally on the calendar for 7:00 but as you can see in the calendar sidebar, it’s been adjusted to 7:30! Good chance someone will be around if you arrive early, though.)

Open Shop Friday

It’s only 148 days until Maker Faire Detroit! Are you ready?

Open Shop Friday at i3 Detroit is a perfect time to make progress on your project, meet other area hackers and makers, and enjoy our fantastically repaired furnace. (Thanks Eric!) Maker Faire isn’t the only event coming up, of course, glance at the calendar! Notacon is right around the corner, Penguicon after that, Maker Faires happening all over the place… get busy!

Open Shop Friday: Tool of the week: Vinyl Cutter

Looking for an excuse to visit the space? As if Open Shop Friday weren’t enough already, come this week (2/24) and get a quickie demo on how to use the vinyl cutter!

Of all the machines in the space, this is one of the easiest to learn, cheapest to run, and most addictive to use. Start with vector art, and within minutes, you’ll be sticking it on your friend’s car. With their permission, of course…

Like every Open Shop Friday, first-timer visitors are explicitly welcome. Just show up, 6pm or later, and figure out the doorbell. ;)

Detroit area CodeYear meetup here, 2/7, 7pm

Have you been learning to program with the Codecademy‘s Code Year program? It’s not too late to start! Participants are gathering around the world to celebrate their progress and compare notes, and i3 Detroit is the venue for the Detroit-area Code Year meetup.

Like almost all of our events, non-members are explicitly welcome. Doors should be open by 6:30, meetup officially starts at 7.

(Note to members: This means the regular membership meeting has been pushed back an hour, to 8:30.)

Android meetup

Is it the fourth Tuesday? Then it’s Android meetup!

Tonight I’ll be attempting to apply the rest of the “Unbrickable” mod to my Galaxy Tab, plus whoever else shows up and whatever else gets hacked!

Meetup starts at 7pm, but there should be a member around by 6:30 so non-members are welcome any time after that. Bring toys…