Make: Music Game

We know the game and we’re gonna play it.

So that time comes again, the time to create good and bad tunes. Yes, it’s the infamous jam session!

The session this month will happen Saturday May 15th at aprox 7pm.

So if you bring an instrument or create one on the fly out of that random cactus you’ve had sitting in the kitchen, stop on in and make some noise.

If you don’t bring something we’ll be forced to pull out the old vinyl and spin Astley all night.

Open Shop Night – Saturday 7pm

It’s time for another Open Shop Night at i3detroit! Bring in that project you’ve been meaning to finish or get inspired to start a new one. Maybe you’re working on something for Maker Faire Detroit and could use a little help? Finish that Arduino project for Mom? Just wanna hang out?
All great reasons to come visit!
The fun begins at 7pm Saturday, May 8, and lasts until question mark?

Hello, Penguicon! Up next: Maker Faire Detroit work days

First, a big thank-you to everyone involved in Penguicon! We had a great weekend because of you. Lots of people got their first taste of soldering, and I think experienced the magic of hackerspaces first-hand. Having a dedicated place for hackerspaces at the con is something I first saw at HOPE, and which Notacon has done particularly well. This year, Penguicon picked up on the idea, and the results were amazing.

I see hackerspaces and conferences as two sides of the same coin. Hackerspaces bring people together with hardware and tools to accomplish tasks, storage for projects and parts, and a regular meeting place for long-term endeavors. Cons bring a larger number of people together to share ideas, show off what they’ve done, and drink heavily. In both cases, the magic comes from interdisciplinary cross-pollination, as interesting people from different backgrounds collaborate.

It should be no surprise then, that we have high hopes for Maker Faire Detroit! A sort of mega-con focused on making physical things, Maker Faire promises attendance in the five figures, from all walks of life. And who do you suppose is going to provide the exhibits, the know-how, the enthusiasm to help all those attendees understand how and why they can make their own stuff?

That’s right, YOU.

If you’re reading this, you have above-average interest in technology, however you may define it. You might be a modeler that I talked to at the NAMES expo. You might be a geek we met at Penguicon. You might be a regular reader of this blog, follower of our Twitter, or just a visitor who wandered by. But regardless of your background, you’re the sort of person we need to run an exhibit at the Faire. To that end, we’d like to announce:

Maker Faire Detroit work days! i3Detroit is committed to helping local makers in whatever way possible. Come to the shop on Monday evenings or Saturday afternoons to work on your exhibit, work on your application, or help others do the same. There’s really not much more to it, so just show up and we’ll see what happens!

OMG, Penguicon! Open-source/sci-fi/DIY conference this weekend…

Penguicon has been sneaking up and is now right around the corner! This weekend, something like a thousand geeks of sundry stripes will filter into the Troy Marriott, to engage in a surfeit of geekly pursuits, including but not limited to:

  • Making ice cream with liquid nitrogen
  • Improv comedy
  • Robot building and competition
  • Sysadmin tools workshop
  • Webcomic and humor writing workshops
  • Screenprinting

You get the idea. Penguicon features appearances by various authors and web celebrities, a bevy of talks on topics too numerous to mention, workshops and DIY activities aplenty, and of course, some i3Detroit involvement.  The emergence of a hackerspace in metro Detroit has  earned us Hack of Honor status at the con this year, and members will be presenting on topics from Arduino arcade games, to flashlight building, to the infamous cupcake car.

The party gets started Friday afternoon and runs until sometime Sunday. Admission at the door is $50. Further details are at


Crafter/Coder Membership x2 – Subscription

Core Membership – Prorated

Crafter/Coder Membership – Prorated

Starving Hacker Membership – Prorated

Friends and Family Key Fee