Jam session, tonight, 7pm.

Whether you bang it, blow it, stroke it, or just finger it, you need to bring it with you tonight. That’s right, it’s time for another hackerspace jam session! Anything that makes noise is welcome, be it a traditional instrument or homebrew.  Non-musicians are welcome to hang out too, of course.

We had a blast last time, so come join the fun. Bring musical instruments, bring snacks? Bring a friend!

As always, guests (total strangers, even!) are welcome. We’re in Royal Oak at 322 e. 4th st, at the end of a nondescript little driveway. The art gallery 323East is easier to find, then just look across the street. See you 7ish!


OMG, as they say, Build!

1344-croppedTwo FIRST robots, one built by team 1216 Oak Park and one built by team 3302 Clawson, are undergoing final assembly in i3Detroit’s workshop. Just two weeks remain in the build season, and there’s at least three weeks’ work to do. Situation normal! At least we’re not snowed out, like many school-hosted teams.

The end of build season is marked by “ship date”, at which time the robots are sealed in giant tamper-evident bags and/or shipped off to their competition locations. Between now and then, there are drives and kickers to finish, pneumatics to perfect, control systems to integrate, and an entire autonomous-mode program to write. Drivers need practice time, too! No wonder the pitch is a bit frantic.

Tuesday electronics night: the bench?

Anything with wires, solder, or batteries is welcome at Tuesday’s electronics gathering. This is a “birds of a feather” session, with no specific lessons planned. Non-members, just to be clear, are welcome as always!

If there’s interest, it might be fun to go along the electronics workbench and play with the various equipment: Power supplies, signal generators, oscilloscopes and meters.  We’ve got a decent setup here, and this would be a good chance to get some hands-on fiddling time.

Tuesday February 9th, 7pm, 322 e. 4th st, 48067. See you then!

Encore, encore! Another jam session, etc.

jam sessionDid you make it out to the first unusual musical instrument jam session? We had fun, we made noise, and we recorded a bit of video.

Chicago’s Pumping Station: One also held a similar event at the same time, and also had a blast. They liked it so much they’ve decided to make it a regular event.

What’s good for the goose is good for the [michi]gander, right? Let’s do it again! Second Friday of the month works out to February 12th. 7pm-ish?

Open Shop Friday, late start 9pm!

It sounds like most/all of the members who normally host Open Shop Fridays will be otherwise engaged this Friday around the usual time.  (Details may come later.) But we should be back and have the door open by 9 or so, sound good?

As always, Open Shop is a time when non-members are explicitly invited to come hang out. If you have a project to work on, bring it along. We’re at 322 e. 4th st, Royal Oak 48067, at the end of an almost-hidden driveway.