Robot build continues…

Mecanum wheel

As you may have gleaned from the calendar sidebar, there’s robot building underway at i3! We’re hosting two FIRST teams, 1216 from Oak Park and 3302 from Clawson. If you’re not familiar with the First Robotics Challenge or this year’s game, take a look!

To get a sense of the issues and questions that teams must tackle, check out the Chief Delphi forums, where students and mentors hang out.

That funny-looking wheel in the photo, by the way, is a Mecanum wheel. These are one way (Omniwheels are the other) of achieving a holonomic drive.

Open Shop Friday

In case you haven’t been peering too closely at the calendar sidebar, tonight is open shop night! I promise to have the doors open by 6:30pm, but if you knock earlier, there’s a good chance another member will answer. Swing by!

What is open shop? Basically, it’s your excuse to come hang out. Bring a project to work on, or don’t. Bring a completed thing to show off, or don’t. Bring a friend, definitely.

We’re at 322 e. 4th st, 48067, hiding at the end of a nondescript little driveway. (If you’re having trouble finding the place, look for 323East, the art gallery across the street. They have a huge graffiti wall, you can’t miss it. Oh, and Bethany Shorb’s exhibition opens there tonight!)

Jam session, baby! – UPDATED

Camera strapped to a drumstick

Combine a dozen geeks with a pile of musical instruments, and strange things happen. Like, for instance, strapping a camera to a drumstick.

The drumsticks-eye-view video has some pretty severe sync problems, but it’s definitely unique. There’s also a 9-minute youtube video of the whole shebang.

Also, FIRST kickoff today! Woohoo! Stream starts at 10am, if you want to watch online. UPDATE: Robotics festivities here at the shop (322 e. 4th st, 48067) will commence at 1 PM, including a replay of the broadcast.