Basic car maintenance, this afternoon

Tire Abuse

Tire Abuse

I could swear I scheduled this thing for 3pm or something, but there it is, on Eventbrite for 1:00. If I told you it was later, that’s fine, we’ll be here all afternoon, so swing by whenever’s convenient!

Briefly: We’ll be poking and patching holes in tires. We’ll be changing tires. We’ll be practicing jump-starting, and reading “check engine light” codes. And you’re encouraged to come get your hands dirty! Non-members are welcome at this and every class, so RSVP or, frankly, just drop in. (I’m looking at reservations now, we’re 12 hours out and it’s not booked up…)

Demystifying Basic Electronics, Wednesday evening

Who wants more newbie classes? WE want more newbie classes!

This one’s for anyone (member or not) who’s not sure where to start when wires are involved. Starting from scratch, we’ll talk about why and where electrical current flows, and then dive right into some hands-on experiments.

We’ll play with batteries and resistors, learn the basics of Ohm’s law, light some LEDs, and time permitting, probably play with some transistors too. There may be soldering. There may be long division. There may be small explosions and smoke. (That’s what happens when you send way too much current through a component. Intentionally?)

What are you waiting for? Go reserve your seat!

Hands-On Basic Car Maintenance, 1pm Saturday

CC-licensed photo of a flat tire.

Stranded, for want of a $5 plug kit!

Ever driven a nail into a tire, just so you could practice fixing it? Me neither, but we’ll be doing just that, this Saturday, December 12th! Class space is limited, so RSVP ASAP.

This class (entitled “Coup-fourré!”) is for non-greasemonkeys. If you’ve ever been stranded with a dead battery or a flat tire, come to i3Detroit and learn the skills that’ll get you moving again. We’ll practice simple tire repairs, read trouble-codes from our cars’ computers, and learn how not to blow ourselves up with jumper cables. Full details are on the event registration page.

As with all classes at i3Detroit, non-members are welcome. Donations will help offset our costs, $5-10 is suggested.

With winter weather in full swing, you could wait a long time for a tow truck. After practicing these basics, you might not need one! See you Saturday?

(P.S. the WinterLAN Social event is also posted now, so you can reserve your seat for that too.)

From Motor City to Maker City

Maker Faire Detroit

The Henry Ford Partners with MAKE Magazine

For 2010 Maker Faire Detroit

July 31 & August 1, 2010

(Dearborn, MI – December 4, 2009) – Makers from all over the nation will make their way to The Henry Ford, in Dearborn, Michigan for Maker Faire, July 31-August 1, 2010. This two-day, family-friendly event celebrates creative and resourceful people in the areas of science and technology, engineering, food, and arts and crafts.  Additional information will be released as it becomes available.

“At its core, Maker Faire Detroit is about the possibility of what ordinary individuals can do,” said Patricia Mooradian, president of The Henry Ford. “It’s about people being resourceful and innovative, using their hands, and tinkering to create actual objects and, possibly, to use those objects to create change. The great innovators of our past—Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers—all believed in exploring new ideas, and making new things to create a better world. There is simply no better place to bring this event to than Detroit. We are the birthplace of modern manufacturing and today we are a hotbed of innovation. We are a region brimming with doers, thinkers and makers.”

Created by the publishers of MAKE magazine and, Maker Faire draws tech and DIY enthusiasts. The event attracts families, school teachers, students, local science, hobby and tech clubs, as well as those who are drawn by a curiosity for the unorthodox and often whimsical MacGyver-like nature of Makers and their projects.  Maker Faire will feature demonstrations and hands-on workshops over the two days. Visitors will enjoy arts and crafts, science and engineering, robotics, sustainable living, music and fine arts, fun for kids and families and more.

“We’re excited to partner with The Henry Ford, which celebrates the history of American makers” said Dale Dougherty, publisher of MAKE magazine (in print and online at  “We’re also excited to bring our event to Detroit to showcase the technical and creative talent of the region.”

About Maker Faire

Maker Faire’s mission is to inspire, inform, connect and entertain thousands of Makers and aspiring Makers of all ages and backgrounds through the public gathering of tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkers, hobbyists, science clubs, students, authors and commercial exhibitors.  Started in San Mateo, California in 2006, Maker Faire will hold the 5th annual festival in the Bay Area this May, 22 & 23, in San Mateo, California. As Maker Faire continues to grow in popularity and relevance, Maker Faire will expand to two new cities in 2010, Detroit and New York City.  See the Maker Faire website for details   Maker Faire is supported by MAKE Magazine,, and O’Reilly Media, the premier information source for leading-edge computer technologies. The company’s books, conferences and web sites bring to light the knowledge of technology innovators.

About The Henry Ford: The Henry Ford, in Dearborn, Michigan, is the world’s premiere history destination and a National Historic Landmark that celebrates American history and innovation. Its mission is to provide unique educational experiences based on authentic objects, stories and lives from America’s traditions of ingenuity, resourcefulness and innovation. Its purpose is to inspire people to learn from these traditions to help shape a better future. Five distinct attractions at The Henry Ford captivate more than 1.5 million visitors annually: Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, The Ford Rouge Factory Tour, The Benson Ford Research Center and The Henry Ford IMAX Theatre. The Henry Ford is also home to Henry Ford Academy, a public charter high school which educates 485 students a year on the institution’s campus and was founded in partnership with The Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company and Wayne County Public Schools. For more information please visit our website

For more information:

Carrie Nolan: (313) 982-6126,

Bridgette Vanderlaan:  (727) 278-2828,

i3 Detroit will be involved as much as we can to make this event a true success. Please stay tuned to for further information and details about the upcoming Detroit Maker Faire.