Some police attention…

After some safety-related upgrades to Nick’s cupcake car, some new folks set aside their fears of grave bodily harm long enough to take it for a spin. Fourth in the seat was Russ, i3Detroit’s founder, who was letting some traffic pass when a Royal Oak Police patrol car cruised up…

Filmed at roughly midnight, the video’s a little dark, but the lights in the sprinkles really make the cupcake stand out. The first car (the one we’re all hollering “CAR! CAR!” about) blows right past, and then it gets interesting!

Halloween Shop, AVR BoF, and more!

Members and visitors, take note — a bunch more events have been scheduled for the coming days, pass the word! The quick rundown:

10/23: Friday Open Shop, 7pm. Bring your friends, hack on stuff. You know the drill.

10/24: Saturday Microcontroller Birds-of-a-Feather session, 1pm. Arduino and AVR users, bring your breadboards. Try to keep the magic smoke in the chips, please.

10/25: Sunday Halloween Shop, 3pm. Costumes, decorations, pumpkins not done yet? Our full resources are at your disposal, you have no excuse!

Guests are welcome, as always. See you there!

Open Shop Friday, 7pm-???

Been meaning to check out the space? Got a project to work on? Just want to hang out? Swing by i3Detroit on Friday evening, as Nate and Ed host another open shop night.

At i3Detroit, guests are always implicitly welcome, but these events are an explicit way for you to come in and know you won’t be interrupting anyone. We promise to have the doors open at 7-ish, but earlier is likely so if you’re in the area, stop on by!

Parking in Royal Oak can be a bit tight on weekends. There’s a bunch of free parking in the middle of 4th street, two blocks east of us (just past CVS), which doesn’t fill up like the stuff closer to downtown.

If you’re coming, you can leave a comment to let everyone know what you’ll be working on!

Radio class Wednesday night

Quick note for those planning to take the practice amateur radio (ham) exam after the class: If you want to get a feel for the material, you can play with the practice exams right now. (You’re interested in the Technician exam.) Jot down the topics and terms you want clarified!

We’ll be talking about a lot more than just amateur radio, of course. From commercial broadcasting to garage-door openers, if it transmits or receives a signal, it’s fair game! Class starts at 7, be there or be an infinite series of sine waves.