Give Something You Made

Matt Arnold laser-cut this gift box at i3Detroit.For unto you is laser-cut this day, in the city of Ferndale, these cardboard gift boxes. Oh come, let us behold their contents: laser-cut acrylic cookie cutters in the shape of a Ford Mustang.

Open Shop Friday

 If you’ve been looking for a good time to check out i3 Detroit, Open Shop Friday is it!

Members will be around (like most nights, but those are unpredictable) working on projects and hanging out.

Guests are welcome, just ring the doorbell!  Bring a project or a friend, or better yet, both.

Arduino meetup Thursday 12/8. Featured: The Chronotune’s guts

We’re kicking off i3 Detroit’s new Arduino meetup series with a show-and-tell project that’s near and dear to our hearts: The Chronotune, (as previously covered all over the freakin’ place).

For those following along at home: The Chronotune’s user interface is a rotary encoder, read by the Arduino. Year is indicated on 7-segment displays, and audio files are handled by a uMP3 board. (That’s what we had sitting around. If we had it to do again, we’d use an mp3 shield.) The speaker is driven by an LM386. The dial is moved by a stepper motor from an inkjet printer, with an EasyDriver.

Anyone tinkering with the Arduino experimenter’s platform is welcome to attend, as are those who are curious but don’t know where to begin. We’ll also have a look at the Arduino-LabVIEW bundle recently offered by Sparkfun. Things get under-way this Thursday (12/8) at 7pm.

If this is Friday, it must be Open Shop!

Gamers!Last night’s tabletop gaming meetup was a great success, as I counted over a dozen players at three simultaneous games. Games of what? I haven’t a clue, I was working on other stuff. ;) It happens again in two weeks!

Tonight is Open Shop, meaning non-members are specifically invited to bring a project to work on, help with someone else’s, or just come check the place out. There should be a member around by 7-ish to open the doors, but much earlier is possible too. Follow us on Twitter to get up-to-the-minute info on that! (Or just look at the upper-right box on this very page…)