Open Shop Friday 7pm 9-23-11, Floppy Disks Saturday

It’s time for another Open Shop Friday, kicking off around 7pm.

There will be welding: Our welding area has a new sign, and it needs to be mounted…

There will be decorating: The treehouse (loft) is due for a revamp of the lights, vines, and leaves.

There may be junk: When our “graveyard” fills up, the junk therein becomes fair game. Last week, a VCR was turned into a skateboard (and named the “Tape Deck”), and a starship with leather warp nacelles was… constructed.

And on Saturday afternoon, join us at 2pm for a Floppy Disk Archiving Party. If you still have data on old floppy disks, it’s probably too late, but we’ll be whipping out the KryoFlux and saving what we can! Bring your pile of disks and your taste for retro techno and chiptunes, and we’ll make an evening of it.

Hello, World! (Open Shop Science Friday!)

In advance of World’s Maker Faire in NYC this weekend, NPR’s Science Friday did a feature on hackerspaces.  Cool stuff!

We’d like to welcome anyone who heard that story, and anyone else for that matter, to our semi-regular Open Shop Friday.  Starting around 6pm, the doors will be open.  Come in and meet a few members, we’ll be doing tours and intros all night.  Bring a project to work on, bring a friend, but most of all, bring your curiosity!

Also be sure to swing by Ferndale’s DIY Street Fair and Funky Ferndale Art Fair this weekend. You might see a few familiar faces cruising around on a very strange vehicle…

Starcraft 2 ProGaming Meetup Sunday

There is a Major League Gaming tournament this weekend in Raleigh.  The plan is to watch the stream of the Starcraft 2 championship on Sunday from 6pm-11pm at i3Detroit with fellow SC2 enthusiasts.  If there is a growing interest in “Barcraft” events, then next time I’ll talk with a bar owner and try to organize something.  We aren’t alone.  This week there was a Wall Street Journal article about folks watching Starcraft in bars.  Sadly there is no Michigan event which is why I’m trying this at i3.

So if you want to see what eSports is all about be at i3 this Sunday (8/28/2011) at 6pm.  We’ll order some pizza and watch the Champions duke it out.  BYOB.

Questions? contact SWiT


August Android User Group Meetup

Tuesday, August 23rd @ 7pm.

Anything Android! If you own an Android phone/device or even if you are only considering maybe buying an Android phone or tablet, join us! Discussion will range from, your favorite app, battery saving techniques, how to root, or anything anyone wants to share. We welcome all ranges of experience and knowledge.