MakerFaire Brainstorm Session

FRIDAY, Janurary 28th, 7pm.

Come one! Come all! And bring your thinking caps…or whatever cap you feel like wearing that day! We have a scheduled mind-meld this Friday, January 28th at 7pm to try to come up with this year’s brilliance that will take Detroit by storm at MakerFaire in July.

True brilliance takes time to make and build, so let’s get those creative juices flowing and come up with new ideas to show just how zainy and awesome we are!
Anyone is free to join in!

Power Wheels Racing Is a Crowd Pleaser

Most of us have memories of seeing Power Wheels advertisements on TV, dreaming of far off adventures over rocky terrain in our own power wheels jeep or zooming around the Indianapolis Speedway trying to claim first place. Then we see the real things that barely have enough power to hit 2 MPH. Downhill. Most of us gave up on our grand fantasies in these tiny toys and bought real cars that ran on gas instead of dinky batteries, but a few bold men and women would not let reality crush their imagination. Collectively these people are known as crazy, but these crazy people have taken old Power Wheels vehicles and souped them up to herculean proportions in an attempt to show the world that they are not in fact crazy. This act in and of itself may too be crazy, but the results can only be described as awesome.

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Announcing the Maker Mixer, September 4th

Detroit’s first Maker Faire was a smashing success by all accounts, bringing together hundreds of exhibiting makers, scores of awesome creations, and tens of thousands of onlookers and makers-to-be.   It was educational, entertaining, and most of all, busy.

So busy, in fact, that many makers spent the whole weekend in their booths, with little opportunity to meet each other.  And while the spectacle was great for short-term attention, the synergy is where long-term gains stand to be made. To that end, i3Detroit will host an event we’re calling the Maker Mixer. On September 4th, anyone who’s interested in DIY (and especially anyone who exhibited at Maker Faire) is encouraged to come down to Ferndale and spend the afternoon at i3Detroit’s shop.

Some food and drink will be provided, BYO is always welcome. Details to follow as the event approaches.

Offical Maker Faire After Party!

Well here we are finally! The weekend we have all been working towards for weeks and months. i3 Detroit is proud to announce that we are holding the official after party for Maker Faire Detroit 2010. We have a lot of friends in town from other hackerspaces across Canada and the US so what better way to celebrate Maker Faire and all of us being in Detroit together than to throw a party. We would like to invite you and all of your friends to come out to i3 Detroit this Saturday July 31st 2010 to i3 Detroit for drinks, snacks, live DJ and great company.

Make sure you come prepared for great conversation and people!

Where: i3 Detroit – 1481 Wordsworth Ferndale, MI 48220

When: Saturday, July 31st 10PM-3AM

Free|21+|Live DJ| Great Company