Meet the Members – Matthew Gary Switlik

Matthew Gary Switlik ( a.k.a. SWiT)

When did you join i3 Detroit?
I’ve been a member since the planning stages in July 2009.  There were ten to fifteen of us showing up at a coffeeshop every week talking over details of what we wanted out of a hackerspace.  I really needed access to a electronics lab and more wood working for various projects I was working on at home but never could quite finish. I was always missing some knowledge or tool to bring things to 100% completion. 50% done project aren’t as cool, so I needed i3.
What have you built at i3 Detroit?
In chronological order.  Tiny bristle bots, a ridiculously large human ride-able bristle bot, a set of Arduino controller pop up targets for NERF guns, a cigarbox guitar, an Arduino powered skeeball machine, a beer growler organ, an EL Wire Vegas Vic costume, and an arduino crockpot sous-vide cooker.
What are you working on now?
Currently I am finishing work on a micro-helicopter race track with timer and landing pad, and an 8bit Audio Game. Surprise! Both use the Arduino as a platform.
Best i3 Detroit Memory?
I thrive off of the the various demo events days like the Detroit Maker Faire.  Last year as we were packing up the group’s rented truck at the end of the weekend I remember that wonderful feeling of pride, accomplishment, and lack of sleep.