Powerwheels racing spawns the “Mini Leo”

i3 Detroit and Detroit GT have begun a wonderful symbiotic relationship of Power Wheels awesomeness.  Starting this race season Detroit GT will be our official Power Wheels Racing Series team sponsor.  And as a thank you to Detroit GT we made them their very own little promotional vehicle which henceforth shall be known as the “Mini Leo”.  Mini Leo is built from a Power wheels Jeep chassis and features an OOGA horn as well as bubble blower exhaust.  We look forward to our new relationship with Detroit GT as they have designed new logos for us and we plan on rolling out more t-shirts and signage here in the near future!                                  

Watch us live as we finish the last 19 hours to the RedBull Creation!!

Less than 24 hours left!! Watch us LIVE!!!

Watch live streaming video from rbc_i3detroit at livestream.com
Mid Game Trials

Vinyl Record Album Melting & Open Shop Day

Join us for a lazy Sunday afternoon of vinyl melting. The idea is simple: Take an old record album, add heat, and reshape the now goey black disk into something awesome!

Make cool wall art, a dish for chex mix, or a decoration for your art car. Whatever you want! We don’t care as long as you take home something you proudly forged in the fires of your own creativity! Bring some random metal stuff you might want to form your records around, otherwise we will have various objects to seve this purpose on hand!

We will also have some Popsicles served up to keep cool in the summer heat! ¡Qué refrescante! (how refreshing!)

Admission includes two vinyl records for melting. Feel free to bring some from home, or buy more from us for $1/record if we have extras!

This event goes for 3 hours, but feel free to come and go anytime within that 3 hours. The actual act of melting should only take around 5-15 minutes per record.

Sign up via Eventbrite here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3853624294

Sunday, July 15th

1:00pm-4:00pm ET

Robot Knife Fight: development days 5/23, 5/24

Robot Knife Fight courtesy of Kristine Divine

This Wednesday and Thursday 7pm – 10pm we will have the 2 test arenas, and 4 test robots bouncing around at i3Detroit.  If you want to play with some arduino or python code or just want to checkout the balloon based carnage stop by either evening.

Also, a big thank you to the folks at the Detroit Night Market and all who helped decorate the RKF truck.  Especially Kristine for her photos and machine inspired decorations.

The next event Robot Knife Fight will be sparring at is the annual Detroitnet pink slip party June 21st at Woody’s in Royal Oak.  It is a networking event for IT professionals and recruiters.  See you there.