Ferndale DIY Street Fair – 9/18 & 9/19

It’s hard to believe that just last year we were driving around the cupcake car at the DIY Street Fair and trying to get people to be interested in i3 Detroit.  Forward 365 days and we are being invited to the event to host a kids Make n’ Take.

Why not take a commercial product that kids are currently obsessed with and show them how to make them.  At the fair, we will be attempting to make silly bandz out of silicone, foam molds and some coloring.  In theory the process will work, but we only tested it last night.  🙂   The bonus is it’s free for the kids to try.

Come check out the event Sat – Sun (9/18 – 9/19) from 12 – 6.  There will be art, bands and food.  i3 Detroit will be located in the kids section and will also have the twinkie car and maybe some other surprises.

Hope to see you there.

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  1. Michigan Rummy says:

    Were you just using normal, clear silicone sealant with some sort of coloring?

    What were you using to color it?

    Thanks for the cool project idea! I expect my daughter may want to make more of these at home.


  2. Ben Bennett says:

    They made Craft Blog, and it looks awesome. There’s a link on that article to the silicon purportedly used, but I’d like to know which it was and how they were colored.

    Thanks! This looks awesome!

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