First Letterpress Class Held at i3!!!

i3 member Ashley hosted two classes to introduce the new (to i3) Letterpress. The press is a Line-O-Scribe Show Card Writer. The press was built sometime between 1920 and 1940 in Adrian MI.

The class demonstrated basic letterpress techniques and printing. The students picked a Valentine’s Day theme pattern to print. Then the pattern was reversed and carved into linoleum blocks. Different colored inks and paper card stock are picked to create hand made Valentine’s Day cards. The linoleum blocks are put on the press, ink rolled onto the block, and pressure applied to create beautiful cards.


LetterPress_ - 37

Letterpress made in Michigan

LetterPress_ - 1

The press surrounded by colored oil inks

LetterPress_ - 3

Sample Letterpress Prints on Card Stock

LetterPress_ - 5

Linoleum hand carved printer pattern

LetterPress_ - 21

Metal type for lettering

LetterPress_ - 23

Spending oil based ink preparing for rolling on the press

LetterPress_ - 27

Hand carved pattern ready to print on the press

LetterPress_ - 29

Laser cutter assisted pattern

LetterPress_ - 32

Student created Valentine’s Day card


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