Guitars, Furniture, and more: the Tusano Trading Company at Maker Faire Detroit

From the first glance at the Tusano Trading Company’s wares, it makes immediate sense that Thomas’s humanities thesis at LTU was on “The value of craft … trying to find the place where making and thinking meet”. He came to i3 after outgrowing the woodshop on campus, and over two years, has developed a wide variety of works and a small business to encompass them.

But among all the furniture and other wooden works, it’s the guitars that really stand out as his passion. Embracing the modern CNC and laser-cutting capabilities at i3, he’s both working on new designs, and spearheading the creation of a library of open-source designs, “a drawing-back of the curtain on the mechanics of the modern guitar”.

Thomas will be doing live lutherie demos in i3’s tent during the Faire, July 27-28 2019.

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