Hello from Notacon!

Year 7 of the Midwest’s premier art/tech conference is under way in Cleveland! Talks are under way, Blockparty (the longest-running North American demoparty) is really gonna happen, the ham radio repeater has been on the air since last night, the network is up (20Mbps uplink!), and the hotel is crawling with a who’s-who of hacker history, digital art, open source, bioengineering,  electronics…

It’s 10am on Friday, and I’m learning about an open-sourced library for graph visualization. Unlike GraphViz, this one runs in realtime, and is designed for analyzing network flows and malware propagation. Beats the hell out of working today!

If you’re not in at Notacon already, jump in the car and get here! There’s plenty going on all weekend…

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