i3 Detroit Space

We have finally found our new home for i3 Detroit. We have agreed upon moving into the Russell Industrial Center. The Russell Industrial Center space is a very unique space in regards to low costs, the local community and the growth opportunities. We are collecting dues from all members next Tuesday July 7th to help raise the funds for the initial costs of getting into our new space. We are also holding our first fundraiser on Saturday July 11th from 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m in the Go Comedy parking lot in downtown Ferndale.

If you have been following i3 Detroit and would like to help i3 Detroit get into our new space as soon as possible please donate what you can. If you have been waiting for us to get a space before becoming a member now is the time. The monthly membership dues are $50 per month and can be paid in cash at our weekly meetings on Tuesday. If you would like to pay via credit card we have a paypal donation link at the bottom of our membership page on the main www.i3detroit.com website. If you would like to donate a larger amount we also have an open amount paypal link on our sponsorship page.

i3 Detroit will be renting a 600 square foot loft space which we are allowed to finish the space as we wish. The ceilings are 14 ft high and our monthly rent includes our electricity as well. Once we have signed the lease and have our $1400 we will immediatly begin the build out of our new space. Once the space has been built out we will be holding a Grand Opening party for both members and non members to come and see the new space.

We will begin weekly classes as well once our space has been completed.

Please Join us during this new and exciting time for i3 Detroit!

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