i3Detroit: Now available at the speed of light!

Almost a month ago, a few i3 Detroit members decided that the wait was over: we had been talking about it for over two years and we couldn’t wait any longer.  We were ready to reach out and take our place boldly, sharing our thoughts with others through the filter of experience and across the bandwidth of our maker community.

All we needed was a few good people, and our plan started to resonate.

On October 25, 2014, we started our work.  We punched a few discreet holes to pass a coax cable through, and installed an antenna on the nearby fence.

After a few tests, we decided we had to make some serious adjustments.  We disassembled the hardware, intending to mount it near the roof of the building instead.

Our roof location meant we needed a better grounding strap.  Using a propane torch and some very large gauge solder, we cannibalized what scrap copper braid we had into a workable solution and finished the installation.

We are now operational on the 2M ham radio band, often operating on 146.58 MHz simplex.  If you’ve got a scanner, feel free to listen in!  If you’ve got a callsign, drop in on the conversation – tell us where you’re from!  The new 2m Ham shack is available to all licenced i3Detroit hams and their guests with valid assigned callsigns following a brief orientation by the zone warden or authorized trainer.

-W. Scott Richardson
i3 Detroit Ham Zone Warden

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