LAN Party Oct. 12 8pm-?

It’s time for another LAN Party at i3Detroit. This time around we expect Terraria to top the list of games we will be playing. If you are not familiar with Terraria it is like a 2D Minecraft meets Metroid meets Contra. The v1.2 release happens Oct 1st so we’ll have tons to build, explore, and battle at the LAN on the 12th. The game costs $10 on steam and runs on almost any windows PC. It’s possible we’ll play a few rounds of TF2, L4D2, LoL, and others while we’re at it. The event is free to i3 members and waiver signing guests. So come on by Saturday October 12th and play some video games.

UPDATE: There are emerging plans for a Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Doom tournament. Come frag with us on these super tiny computers!

UPDATE 2: The i3Detroit Terraria server is live at port 7777. Come join the fun.

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