Learn to Solder Workshop: Mitch and Jimmie at i3Detroit, Tuesday August 10th.

You can solder! Yes, you. It’s easy, and you can learn how this Tuesday at i3Detroit. Mitch Altman and Jimmie P. Rodgers will be here to give one of their renowned kit-building workshops. You buy a kit, assemble it with expert guidance, and end up with a cool toy to show for it.

If you already own a soldering iron, stand, tip cleaner, or wire cutters, please bring them — we’ll provide as many as we can muster, but more are always helpful. Regardless, you should reserve your seat right away!

Mitch Altman likes to bring newbies into electronics. He’s best known for inventing the TV-B-Gone, a one-button remote control that turns off TVs wherever you may encounter them. He’s also a big fan of hackerspaces, having co-founded one, and is currently touring as many as possible, selling kits and helping get people into electronics.

Jimmie P. Rodgers is a microcontroller geek who enjoys circuit-bending, teaching, and putting entirely too many LEDs on things. His projects include the OpenHeart, various Arduino shields, and lots of noisemakers. He and Mitch are traveling the midwest, holding workshops and generally being awesome.

i3Detroit is metro Detroit’s first hackerspace, an open workshop where members and guests share tools and ideas. i3 stands for “imagine, innovate, and inspire”. Located in Ferndale, the 53-member group builds things, holds classes, and launches high-velocity snack food.

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