Lights, Camera, Collaborate! DIY Filmmaker Meetup 11/18

i3Detroit’s first DIY Filmmaker Meetup was a great success, with over a dozen locals coming out to meet and show their work. It’s time for a sequel!

Whether you’ve produced entire features yourself, or have just watched from the sidelines, this event is for you. Like the first one, this is open to anyone, regardless of whether you’re an i3Detroit member or not. This is your chance to show off your work, recruit help for your next project, or just meet your peers. Also, we will again feature a talent exchange board, where folks who have skills can hook up with folks who need them!

If you have samples to show (under 10 minutes?), please bring a DVD or something with a VGA output for the projector. Snacks will be provided. Let’s aim for 7:00pm.  Note: There’s also a papercraft party happening in the craft room at the same time, so if you find them first, don’t assume you’re in the wrong place!

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