Maker Faire Detroit Updates

We received an email last night from Dale at Make Magazine providing us with some updates regarding the upcoming Detroit Maker Faire.

1. The Deadline for applications for Maker Faire Detroit has been extended from May 31st 2010 to June 15th 2010.

2. They originally said they would have acceptance emails out by June 1st 2010, and unfortunately this has not happened due to the Maker Faire Bay Area just finishing. They said not to worry and they hope to start getting acceptance emails out next week.

3. They currently have 140 submissions and they are still looking for more. If you know anyone that has not but should be at Maker Faire Detroit please get them to submit an application!

4. On the Friday before Maker Faire Detroit they plan on having workshops in place of Education Day. More to come on this as we get closer.

So Please if you have not signed up yet as a Maker get over!

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  1. Skennedy says:


    I’m prepping for my honeymoon, but consider posting the details of this on the local convention blogs, as well!

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