Welcome to the 2015 puzzle!

Anyone with a smartphone and a good pair of walking shoes should be able to solve this puzzle and win a nifty prize (while supplies last), claimable at i3’s party Saturday night.

To play:

When you solve each step, you’ll be left with a word or phrase. Replace the end of the URL with that new word, and you’ll advance to the next stage.

For example, if the puzzle was “What horse won the Triple Crown in 1973?”, you’d change




And voila, on that page would be step two!

All answers will be lower-case (even if they’re proper names or acronyms) with no punctuation or symbols.

Clue 1:

Part of i3Detroit’s indoor presence at Maker Faire is a section called the Gallery, featuring projects in traditional and modern media alike. What’s the 3-letter word for aesthetic creations?