i3 Detroit’s Membership Information:

i3 Detroit is a collective of community makers, thinkers, artists, crafters, coders, believers and doers. We run as a cooperative to collaborate on all forms of technology, art & culture in new and interesting ways. Our goal is to continue to provide a physical community space with shared tools, resources and knowledge.

We are able to make this happen by having supporters and members who help us pay the rent, keep the utilities on and through teaching classes to both our members and community.

Each member is expected to help maintain the space, recruit new members and to “Be excellent to each other”.

Hours of operation:

24/7 for all paying/keyed members in good standing.

Each member that gets unlimited 24/7 access to the space will be provided with an RFID key and a pin code to allow you access to the space. If you lose your key it will cost $5 to replace it.

How to become a Member:

The full process is explained in this document on our Wiki. Please read it!

Before orientation:

  • Come to the space as a guest, several times if possible. For your first visit come to Friday Night Tours (6:00 – 9:00 PM).  If Friday doesn’t work for you email membership@i3detroit.org and arrange a visit.
  • Sign yourself up for i3detroit-public.
  • Make a note of the email address used in the above step. (Many of us have several addresses, but this is the one you’ll be using to communicate with i3 as a whole.)
  • Add our calendar to your personal calendar.
  • Arrange a 2nd visit (or a 3rd) through friends who are members, people you met on the Tour, or the i3 Detroit Public google group.
  • Review the new member welcome/signup form, found on the Forms page. (Don’t bother printing it, just read it over.)
  • Read through the Standing Rules, and at least skim the Bylaws. Every member must follow these.

New member orientations are done on the first and third Tuesday of the month, before the regular member meeting, at 6:30 pm.  If you feel i3 Detroit is right for you, email membership@i3detroit.org to let them know you are coming so that the SignUp Team has everything ready.  Try to email a day or two in advance, at least.

On the day of orientation:

  • Please arrive early! 6:00 or 6:15 if you can.
  • Bring a laptop if you have one. (If not, a public terminal may be available to use.)
  • Introduce yourself to lots of people! As a new member, meeting the existing members is important.

If the above times don’t work for you:

Most of the group’s business happens on Tuesdays, so it’s best in the long run if you can make that work and be involved. But if you just can’t swing it, contact our membership coordinator and we’ll work something out.

Membership at i3Detroit is $49/month



Payment Options:


Recurring One-time
Membership $49/mo

Buy 11 months and we’ll give you the 12th free!

On the checkout page, you may choose whether to pay with your Amazon account or PayPal account. If you log in with a an email address other than the one this message was sent to, please contact us.