Mini Maker Faire: Saturday!

It’s officially here! Last year’s Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire surpassed all expectations, drawing over a thousand people. This year, the sky’s the limit!

i3Detroit will of course have a presence, along with other area hackerspaces, and dozens of other interesting groups.  The event is held at the Washtenaw Farm Council Fairgrounds, 5055 Ann Arbor Saline Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. Admission is free, and the doors will be open from 10am to 5pm.

But you probably knew that. Folks who follow our blog aren’t really the ones we need to reach here — it’s the people one or two steps out, your friends, who might not know about this event, or might not realize it’s already here.  To reach them, we need your help, so drag someone along, won’t you?

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