Mos I3 (hacker)spaceport

While I’m not aware of any scum and villainy last night (though the duct tape residue was a bit scummy) our space was certainly a hive of activity.

Mike and his band of budding directors were training hard in the back of our shop last night, experimenting with lighting, sound, and camera work.  Ed was busy taking strange noises to a science with his PVC pipe based feedback instrument, or as I prefer to call it, “A Series of Tubas”.  For the record, it sounds nothing like a tuba, but never let the facts get in the way of a bad pun I say!

Ted was hard at work being a model for today’s blog post image and when he wasn’t fixing his hair for his closeup, he was hard at work welding up some pretty massive improvements to our power wheels frame.

Finally, the Red Green statue is in the home stretch with all of the tartan panels complete and ready for mounting.  A big thanks to Dan and Seth for pitching in to make sure that got done tonight.  Meanwhile, while that was happening, Nick was hard at work turning Red’s head from a loosely connected bundle of sticks into a really cool looking final design for the statue.  I won’t spoil how it looks for our readers, you’ll just have to show up Saturday to see the finished product!  Drop by the space around 11AM to meet the man himself, or if you want to sleep in a few hours, he and his oversized duct-tape doppelganger will make an appearance at the Ace Hardware in Clarkston at 2PM.

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