OMG, Penguicon! Open-source/sci-fi/DIY conference this weekend…

Penguicon has been sneaking up and is now right around the corner! This weekend, something like a thousand geeks of sundry stripes will filter into the Troy Marriott, to engage in a surfeit of geekly pursuits, including but not limited to:

  • Making ice cream with liquid nitrogen
  • Improv comedy
  • Robot building and competition
  • Sysadmin tools workshop
  • Webcomic and humor writing workshops
  • Screenprinting

You get the idea. Penguicon features appearances by various authors and web celebrities, a bevy of talks on topics too numerous to mention, workshops and DIY activities aplenty, and of course, some i3Detroit involvement.  The emergence of a hackerspace in metro Detroit has  earned us Hack of Honor status at the con this year, and members will be presenting on topics from Arduino arcade games, to flashlight building, to the infamous cupcake car.

The party gets started Friday afternoon and runs until sometime Sunday. Admission at the door is $50. Further details are at

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