Power Wheels build TONIGHT 6:30ish

What’s the stupidest possible thing you can do with a Power Wheels car? Upgrade the motors and batteries, put a 170-lb adult on it, and send him careening around a race course, of course! That, plus some electrical fires and embarassing video footage, are the apparent goal of the Power Racing Series, organized by Chicago hackerspace Pumping Station: One.

Naturally, we’re participating. We’re also looking for a smaller adult.

The competition takes place at Maker Faire Detroit, at the end of July, which gives us just six weeks to build and test our entry. Tonight we tackle the frame, body, and hopefully motor mounting! Members and non-members alike are encouraged to swing by and partake in the lunacy. I’ll try to have the doors open by 6:30, but as always, check the Twitter feed for notification.

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