Powerwheels racing spawns the “Mini Leo”

i3 Detroit and Detroit GT have begun a wonderful symbiotic relationship of Power Wheels awesomeness.  Starting this race season Detroit GT will be our official Power Wheels Racing Series team sponsor.  And as a thank you to Detroit GT we made them their very own little promotional vehicle which henceforth shall be known as the “Mini Leo”.  Mini Leo is built from a Power wheels Jeep chassis and features an OOGA horn as well as bubble blower exhaust.  We look forward to our new relationship with Detroit GT as they have designed new logos for us and we plan on rolling out more t-shirts and signage here in the near future!                                  

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  1. Matt Arnold says:

    Pray tell, what is Detroit GT? Is there a link where we can learn more? Nate’s link is not working, for some reason.

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